Back from the land of travelling!

What a long, strange trip it’s been.  My husband is in the military, and they moved us across the country a year ago.  Then this spring they decided that he couldn’t retire next year without a trip overseas, so he received deployment orders for this fall.  Our tenant moved out of our house, and rather than finding tenants that would take a 10 month lease, we decided to move ourselves back into our house here in the midwest.  We have never really moved ourselves across the street, much less across country with three kids.  We used one of those Pods, which worked out very well.  The work to pack and load it was hard, but not having to drive our belongings across country in a rickety truck was worth it.

So here we are, back in our house with my sweet little non-gourmet kitchen.  I missed it so as the larger kitchen was more difficult to cook and clean in, believe it or not!  I am so much more efficient in a smaller kitchen.  I am glad we rented the larger home, instead of dreaming, saving, and buying one – to find out that it isn’t for us.  I am happy to have the Dorothy Lane market around the corner from the house, and there is a new kid in town – Earth Fare, which is kind of a cross between a health food store and a supermarket.  I haven’t had a chance to explore the farmer’s markets yet as we have been gearing up for the start of school and activities, but I hope to very soon!

I have had some time to do some reading this summer.  I purchased It Starts With Food – it is a great book for explaining why and how the Whole 30 concept of living makes you healthier, and provides a framework for making food choices even when you are not participating in a Whole 30 challenge.  My night reading is An Everlasting Meal.  It’s not a paleo book, and it isn’t really a cookbook, but more of a guideline for managing groceries/cooking/leftovers in the context of reducing waste – not just wasted food but wasted effort as well.  I am enjoying it immensely!

We did a pretty good job of keeping our food choices mostly healthy during the last month.  In the absence of abundant choice, we would default to a Subway restaurant for a salad topped with lunch meat or tuna salad.  We were able to spend two nights with my parents in New Mexico, and they fed us very well with some delicious steaks and hamburgers purchased from Whole Foods there.  My husband also downloaded an app for his iPhone which listed restaurants at various exits, so we stopped at Moe’s one day for lunch and had a lovely taco salad (and chips!  They are still my kryptonite!).  I was able to get my home kitchen up and running our first morning here for brunch – it’s that quick and easy when you only move half your stuff!  I also cooked a few dinners – pulled pork and primal moussaka – for the family to enjoy during our week together.

So now I have to settle into our new normal.  We no longer receive the beautiful crate of organic produce every week for me to plan our meals around.  I have heard of local CSAs around here but my guess is that the growing season will slow down so I don’t know if it is worth it to sign up at this point.  This means that I have to actually plan and shop for our meals, which will be a shift from my focus for the last year.  I hope to journal these experiences on this blog, as well as try new recipes!  Until then, thank you for sticking around.


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