Not a recipe, but an idea

I love hamburgers in the summertime.  I usually buy a loose grind, and gently shape it into a patty and lovingly grill it to medium; it’s thick and juicy and very tender.  Not this summer, though, since I don’t have access to the beautiful meat counter at the Dorothy Lane Market.  So I am making do with pre-made grassfed beef patties from Trader Joe’s for the time being.  As for how to eat the burgers, I’m a fork-and-knife kind of girl – sure I’ll use a lettuce wrap for an In-N-Out burger on the go, but I feel like a slob while eating it; I’ll also use a leaf of romaine for a BLT, but I only eat those for lunch and nobody is watching me be a slob there either.  But burgers are dinner food, and the whole family is sitting around the table, so I don’t want to be uncouth in my consumption of one of summer’s best foods.  The question is: how best to make use of the condiments when eating a burger like a steak?  I think I have the answer!  Tonight I chopped a red onion, a tomato, and 2 Bubbie’s pickles into a 1/4 inch dice and mixed it together in a small bowl.  Tonight’s burgers were the green chile and cheese variety, so once the burger was on my plate, I used the liquid-like condiments first – ketchup, mustard, mayo – then liberally sprinkled the relish on top of the burger.  It was awesome!

Another thing I have been liking lately – Bubbie’s anything!  I liked their sauerkraut and pickles – there is no vinegar added and yet the result is as good as any other product I have tried, without all the additives and preservatives!  They are usually found in the refrigerated deli section of your supermarket.  Now to thaw those Applegate hot dogs…we need to clean out the freezer before we move in a couple of weeks!


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