It’s been awhile…

…and my creativity is hiding somewhere.  Really, I haven’t cooked anything new and exciting since I made that awesome rutabaga recipe.  I have spent at least three nights a week driving 45-60 miles each way to get the older kids to their activities of choice, so it has left little time for reading, researching, and trying new things.  Most weeks I make sure to cook up a slow cooker full of pulled/kalua style pork and either a ton of meatballs or Well Fed’s Chocolate Chili.  Add in a steak night and a chicken night – oh, don’t forget, a fish night (it’s Lent!) and somehow I have managed to walk the primal/paleo path the last several weeks.

Where I have been making gains the last few weeks has been in the gym.  On Sundays my husband and I have a date at the local Anytime Fitness, during naptime for the little one.  I have finally screwed up the nerve to wear my goofy looking Vibrams to the gym.  What took me so long?!  My squats were so…balanced, grounded, powerful.  I love them so much.  Also, I am slowly getting closer to an unassisted pullup.  The key word there is slooooowly.  I also do the leg press machine, but I begin each workout with a 10 minute walk at a moderate pace to get the blood pumping to all my muscles.

During a good week I am also able to sneak in another quick workout at the gym.  This workout is usually entirely machine based, and that is where I have had enormous gains over the last four months.  My leg press has gone from 95 lbs to 195 lbs.  My lat pulldown has improved from 86 lbs to 113 lbs, and I have increased from 50 to 75 lbs on the chest press.  I am probably the strongest I have ever been in my life, yet my little Cavebaby is so strong I can hardly handle him sometimes!  He is eating what we eat – his favorite is Chocolate Chili with a side of sweet potatoes, but he loves any form of meat and vegetable I give him.

The only other interesting thing I have added to my regimen has been cold baths.  I have been reading the blog of Jack Kruse with interest the last several months.  He’s a pretty polarizing figure in the paleo world.  I can’t debunk his biochemistry, but from a thermodynamics standpoint it stands to reason one would burn some fat in the process.  The first plunge was bracing, but there is a certain zen-like quality you achieve sitting in a cold bath for 30 or more minutes.  I don’t know if I have lost any weight – the BF scale I shelled out some bucks for a couple of years ago has wild mood swings – but my body composition seems to be changing along with my strength increase.

So that’s what I have been up to.  Please accept my apologies for not having anything new or interesting to post in the last month!


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