Crock Pot Pork

For years, I have shunned the crock pot.  I know it’s a wonderful, modern convenience and it helps many working parents put together a hot, nutritious meal while they are busy, but to me the food always tasted bland and had a mushy texture.  I have lived crock pot free for five years, but then I saw the most amazing invention – a crock pot with a metal insert so you can sear the meat before you cook it all day.  That’s it!  That is all I needed to desire a handy countertop oven.  Luckily, my husband had a good day at the blackjack tables in Vegas last fall and hit the outlet mall in Primm to purchase a Breville crock pot with a nonstick insert.  Score!  So far I usually cook pork roasts in this appliance.  Here is a generic recipe, with a couple of twists:

1 – 2 Pork Shoulder Roasts

2 T coconut oil

Several cloves garlic

1 c water

  • Sear the pork roasts on both sides; add garlic cloves at this time as well
  • Add water, salt and pepper and cook all day
  • Remove roasts from crock pot to cutting board; allow to cool and shred with forks

I do two variations of this roast.  The first is kind of a kalua-style roast with 2-3 T wheat-free tamari sauce and some liquid smoke; the second one I substitute citrus juice for the water, and add the zest of the fruit when it has been shredded.  If you take the second variation and fry it up in the pan until it’s crispy it is just divine, kind of like carnitas!  I think some pickled onions from this recipe would be very refreshing with the crispy-fried pork as well. 

Whatever you do, be sure to make enough of this for leftovers.  It’s one of my go-to recipes for busy weeks because you always have tasty protein in the fridge that you can build the rest of the meal around.


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