A Crazy Weeks’ Worth of Eating

No need to call the Paleo Police.  I am still here, just busy hauling the kids to their activities and cooking healthy, nourishing meals for the five of us! 

The other week I had things under control cooking-wise.  I am struggling to get back to that balanced feeling, instead of feeling a little behind in everything I do.  I have actually planned the meals for this week.  I hate having the same meat two nights in a row, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.  Here’s what I have planned so far:

Monday: Crock pot pulled pork with braised cabbage and sautéed chard

Tuesday: Pork fried cauliflower rice: here’s a recipe that includes kim chee, which I just so happen to have in my fridge!

Wednesday: Primal Moussaka

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Crack Chicken

Saturday: Steak night!!!

I have to figure out an easy Sunday recipe.  I usually work out on Sundays and it leaves me a hungry, crabby, tired mess!  I am very fortunate my family tolerates me that day of the week…


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