Wahls and Sisson: A Match Made in Primal Heaven!

Mark Sisson was the gateway drug to my primal conversion a little less than two years ago, so it’s fitting that he is building on the inspirational video of Dr. Terry Wahls I posted last month.  Primal and paleo lifestyles aren’t all about heavy cream and butter – while they can be a welcome addition to your lifestyle if you can tolerate them, the primary focus of the foods eaten should be meat and vegetables.  If you are able to consume her recommended 9 cups per day, you probably won’t be very hungry anyway.

Mark Sisson does a great job of expanding on the reasons you should be eating these great foods, and gives helpful hints on how to go about it.  Last week he featured leafy greens; this week it’s sulphur.  Just about every meat-based recipe I cook these days starts with a chopped onion.  What I found out today is that if I let it sit on the cutting board for about 10 minutes, the active components of these vegetables are able to better withstand heat.


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