Another Great Workout!

Thanks to my husband, again.  I was being a bit of a sissy about which squat rack I wanted to use.  I had tried the one that kind of balances the load for you a couple of weeks ago, but it was already in use, so it took my husband a few minutes to really convince me that, yes, I can do real big-girl free-weight squats with more than just an empty bar.  In fact, I was able to load 95 lbs on the bar and do some squats!  Yay me!  The think I really like about doing squats versus a leg press machine is that it is much harder to “cheat” and use the wrong muscles to execute the motion.  I had no trouble maintaining my balance as well.  I love success like this!

I am also getting closer to being able to do some unassisted chinups every week.  I move the pin up a notch each time I try and am able to do 1-2 chinups, then I drop the pin a little and do some more.  It is great seeing progress every week!  I look forward to our Sunday “dates” at the gym.


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