A Non-Edible Recipe: Toothpaste

This past fall I decided to stop using toothpaste containing fluoride.  I did so after reading this blog post from Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist and author of the book Wheat Belly.  I have been taking thyroid hormone supplementation for the past 8 years and have wanted to try a more natural way of healing my body (I have not been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s or Graves, it just seems as though my body does not produce enough thyroid hormone to maintain a feeling of well-being).  I noticed that the issues started shortly after the birth of my second child, and around that time I also started using “fancier” salt in my cooking, which did not contain iodine.  However, there are many other chemicals we are exposed to daily that contain halides, so in addition to using iodized salt I decided to refrain from using/ingesting fluoride as well.  I am not taking any iodine supplements at this time, though; I am still nursing a baby and do not want to negatively impact him through my self-experimentation.

So this past fall I mixed up a batch of toothpaste from Wellness Mama.  I used it until I ran out — then got lazy and bought some non-fluoride toothpaste from Trader Joe’s for backup.  Today I finally got off my behind and mixed up a second batch, and I am so glad I did!  The first time I made the recipe I kept it in a plastic mason jar.  This time I purchased a Go Toob at Whole Foods – we’ll see if it works like a tube of toothpaste!  I used a lot more peppermint oil this time as well, so I anticipate a mintier experience – last time I was timid with the essential oil and the toothpaste seemed more baking-soda-y. 

The Wellness Mama also has recipes for other natural living necessities – from laundry detergent to lotion!  I enjoy her blog immensely, and perhaps you would to. 




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