Crack Chicken

You know how I feel about chicken.  Meh.  Usually worse.  However, at friend Donna’s suggestion in comments I went to Ben’s Corner market for some meat, and boy did I hit paydirt.  I came away with ribeye steaks, 2 chuck roasts, 2 packages of wurst and a chicken.  All were of better quality than we could procure at the local mega supermarket!  I cooked up a storm from Friday until tonight, in the hopes that leftovers would carry us through the next 3 days of insane kid activities. 

So I took the cute little chicken and made this recipe.  I’ve linked to it before, but I cannot emphasize enough how truly delicious this chicken recipe is!  It is almost foolproof in methodology – cook in a covered pot for 1 hour, then remove the lid and crank the oven up and cook for another 40 minutes.  The spice crust and the chicken fat crisp up to a delicious texture, and the sauce created is divine.  Trust me and make it, and tell me how it has changed your life.   

I served the chicken with rutebagas from the veggie box.  I peeled and roasted them, and then took half of them and spun them through the food processor with some butter and cream for the rest of the family; I ate a couple of nuggets just plain roasted.  They have a bit of a natural sweetness about them, combined with an earthiness.  The teens did not appreciate them, but my husband and baby did!  I also used the spinach from the veggie box as well.  It has been a good week for me as far as using nearly everything from the box before it goes bad or I get too busy to use it.


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