Mmmmmm…Chocolate Chili…

…from:  you guessed it — Well Fed.  Want to see for yourself how great the recipes in this book are, she has a FREE 30-page preview of the cookbook here.  

I adjusted the seasonings a little at the end – probably because I used 3 lbs of meat instead of 2 — I want leftovers!  I also added a touch of chipotle chili powder for some smokiness.  It wasn’t a bad move. 

The chili was served with pasta for the carbivores in the family, but I ate it with a butternut squash puree (I have 5 of them from the veggie basket sitting on the counter.  It was time to start consuming them!) and sautéed spinach.  Toppings for the chili were diced onion and fresh cilantro.  Even Cavebaby loved his chili and squash!  I worried that the touch of heat in the meat might irritate him, but it didn’t – he gobbled it up! 

The colors were beautiful.  I hope the photo shows that, but I am not a professional.


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