Well Fed: Carnitas!

Tonight I tried recipe #2 from Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed.  If you like this blog and haven’t purchased the book yet, why do you torture yourself this way? 

After last night’s flop of a meal, I really needed some good food in my belly.  I had two pork cushion roasts in the refrigerator just waiting for this recipe.  I did add the juice of 1 orange (they were in our veggie basket and my they are divine!  Of course, when you aren’t eating any sugar or sweeteners whatsoever, fruit tastes like candy!) but that was the only alteration.  Dinner was served with kale and stir fried veggies from TJ’s, with some nuked rice for the carbivores in the family.  The real reason I made the carnitas, though, is because I want to use them in Melissa’s Pad Thai recipe on Tuesday.  I hope we can keep our mitts off the leftovers until then! 



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