Sometimes, Dinner is a Flop…

…no matter how hard you try to make it delicious.  I have been trying to implement Steak Night Saturdays.  It’s usually warm enough to grill out here throughout the winter, but even if I can’t I can make a pretty tasty indoor steak as well. 

We had been eating a lot of ribeye for the last couple of years, it’s a little less expensive than filet and I have grown to like the beefy, fatty flavor and texture.  But yesterday I wanted a filet – so I sent my husband to the market to get some, preferably from the meat case where they have to package it on demand, not in the nasty little styrofoam trays – they put too many reject pieces in those, with the ugly side down so you don’t really know what you are getting.  All they had was in the trays – but he bought 2 of them with 6 steaks total, so we should be OK.  Except exactly half the steaks were rejects!  I soldiered on, preparing some sautéed mushrooms, feeding Cavebaby, putting him to bed, cooking the steaks to absolute perfection and then sautéing the spinach from our veggie basket in the pan after I had cooked the steaks in it — let me tell you that spinach was awesome!  Even my nominal veggie eater liked it!  But the steaks, oh my.  The flavor was terrible.  The texture was terrible — gristly, gamey, blech.  It made me want to go to bed without any supper!  And because of the Whole 30, I couldn’t drown my cooking sorrows in chocolate…

Maybe it’s time for the kids to lecture me on “you aren’t going to love every thing I make for dinner, but you need to suck it up and eat it anyway”.  It’s one of my personal favorites.  Please don’t think I make my kids eat stuff they hate — I don’t.  But sometimes I get the impression that they think they should eat nothing but their favorite things all week long!  Where could they possibly be getting this attitude from?  Oh yeah, I just read the previous paragraph.  Me. 

My husband and I talked about our sad state of meat affairs.  When we were able to shop at Dorothy Lane Market, we had a decision to make between Prime or Choice beef.  Now I hear they have grass fed selections as well!  Even the choice meat they displayed was top quality, much better and prettier than what I find in a standard grocery store.  However, we are in exile here in the sunny state of CA where the produce is phenomenal but our local retail meat options are pitiful.  Maybe it’s time we jumped on the mail order ship and make a purchase from U. S. Wellness Meats.  They have a huge selection, not just beef.  And I have always wanted to try pemmican!


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  1. Just a thought Jen, have you tried the meats from Ben’s Corner? Great little produce market, that has a meat counter in it. We have always enjoyed the meat we’ve bought from there. It is more expensive but always good. It is on Avenue L just a few blocks east of 10th St. West. They also have some fresh local honey and such.


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