Inspiration 2

When I wanted to learn more about this primal/paleo lifestyle I had stumbled upon two years ago, I wanted to hear how people were implementing the changes in their day-to-day lives.  So I turned to blogs to find out what people were eating, how they were feeling, what kind of exercise they were doing, etc.  At the time, there were only a few blogs to be found; the concept was pretty new and revolutionary compared to the low-cal low-fat chronic-cardio movement that has dominated our culture.  I found some good blogs, and as I can I will add them to the blogroll and link to them in posts where relevant.

Things changed dramatically when I found out I was pregnant at the elderly (in my mind) age of 38.  Is it safe to eat this way?  Is it sustainable?  How will we feed our baby once he is born?  So the thrust of my search for knowledge and experience changed.  Luckily, I found Paleo Parents.  They were several months ahead of me in the paleo quest, and had a baby to boot!  Their website is very nicely done design-wise, and the content is very, very helpful.  I love reading about how the paleo lifestyle has helped them, as a couple, to lose 200 pounds!  It has also helped them to understand the effects of processed food on preschooler behavior.  But the icing on the paleo cake, so to speak, is their recipe for gluten-free Monkey Bread.  No, it’s not paleo with all of the sweeteners, but a special treat every now and then is not a bad thing!  I also have a lot of respect for a man who wears his baby – it’s not easy!  My husband has tried our Boba carrier but it doesn’t feel as secure for him because he doesn’t have hips – I think he would be more comfortable with a framed carrier.

If you are looking for more information on how to implement a more natural lifestyle for your family, check out their website.  If you have small children and are making a transition to living “paleo”, take a look at their new book, which should be out March 20 according to Amazon.


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