Sunday Brunch

In order to eat our way through the weekly produce basket, it is necessary to eat vegetables and fruit at nearly every meal.  This week we received two beautiful leeks in our basket, and I decided to make Bacon and Leek omlettes for brunch today.  Here’s how it happened:

1. Cut bacon into lardon-sized bits.  Brown in pan over low-med flame.  Be patient so the bacon gets golden brown without burning.  Bacon was Applewood Smoked from Trader Joe’s. 

2. When bacon is cooked, remove to paper towel lined plate to drain.  Pour off bacon fat into a bowl – save that liquid gold!  Add about 2T back into pan, and add 2 thinly sliced leeks.  Cook until soft and slightly carmelized.

3. Use bullet-type blender to homogenize eggs.  Add salt and pepper.  Pour into nonstick pan prepped with about 1t. ghee.  Cook over low flame until eggs are set and you can flip the omlette.  My family likes their eggs cooked well.

4. Add desired quantity of leeks and bacon; fold omlette and serve!

Photos for your viewing pleasure.  This time I took them with our real camera, so I hope the quality is improved.


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