Organic Produce Basket 1.7.12

To day we received our first organic produce basket of the year from Abundant Harvest (  It is a very large crate filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits, most of which are pretty common, but some are unusual or, in my opinion, kind of old-fashioned.  I can say I have never in my life eaten a rutabaga until last night!  I love how this delivery of random groceries pushes me to try new foods, especially since I have never met a vegetable I didn’t like (fruits are another story – I can’t stand bananas).

It is a challenge every week to use each and every item we receive in this basket, or to process it in some way so as to preserve it for later use.  I had to pitch a lot of broccoli when we returned from our Christmas trip!  So I decided to get started last night in consuming our beautiful vegetables right away, and got on my not-so-trusty computer and went to my first recipe website of choice,  I searched for recipes that included rutabagas and beets, and found this winner:  I did not follow the recipe exactly; I was out of fresh garlic, had only dried herbs, and only a few of the root veggies listed in the ingredients.  So I made the substitutions, added a little anchovy and roasted garlic to the olive oil mixture, and basically followed the rest of the roasting instructions.  This recipe turned out pretty good!  I also took the greens from the beets, washed and chopped them, and sautéed them in ghee with garlic (fresh; my husband stopped at the store on the way home from Mass), salt, pepper, and a little chicken broth.  I rounded out the meal with some more sautéed greens (I found the big bags of Power Greens at Albertson’s, 2/$5 last week) and an antibiotic- and hormone-free ribeye steak dusted with Dorothy Lane Market’s grill rub seasoning.  The last photo is of my husband’s plate, and it made for a delicious, satisfying Saturday night meal.

Without further ado, here are last night’s photos.  I am not good at photography, and these were taken with my old iphone, so please excuse the quality:


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